Ciandra Scarborough and Mya Cumberbatch dominate the girl guides reading and debate competitions

Ciandra Scarborough, 13, and Mya Cumberbatch, 14, dominated the No. 3 Kingstown Girl Guides Company World Thinking Day 2023 Inter-patrol reading and debate competitions, respectively.

The competitions were held at St. Vincent Girls’ High School on Friday under the theme: “Our world, our peaceful future”.

Scarborough out read five readers to emerge the winner of the reading competition while Cumberbatch out spoke four other competitors in the debating competition.


The topic for the debating competition was: “Climate Change is a myth and Girl Guides all over the world should focus less on climate change advocacy and campaigns for climate resilience.”

Mya Cumberbatch, the winner of the debating competition argued against the topic. She told NBC News that she’s proud of her achievement.


Meanwhile, Guider of the No. 3 Kingstown Girl Guide Company Mrs. Wendy Davis-Pierre said both the reading and debating competitions help to build the girls’ self-esteem and self-confidence and also help them to gain an understanding of the role climate change plays in disrupting global peace and security.