ASCO Netball Championship Results

There were victories for Everready Future Stars, ASCO 1, Dutch lady Clinchers and Maple Club in the ASCO Netball Championship at the Gomea Hard Court at the weekend.

Everready Future Stars beat ASCO (4) 44-13 in Division (2), ASCO (1) defeated Pace Setters 24-15 in Division (1), Dutch lady Clinchers overwhelmed ASCO 3 67-11 and Maple Club defeated Aycees Nice Radio Clinchers 65-46 in the third quarter, after Aycees Nice radio Clinchers forfeited the game because the defender was put off the court for the balance of the game.

Today’s matches will be between ASCO 4 and Sea Operation Nah Fren Dem in Division (2) from 5 pm and at 5:45 pm ASCO 2 will meet ASCO 3 also in Division (2).