Last Weekend Cycling Results

Cammie Adams extended his lead in the Riders Championships, yesterday by registering his fifth win in the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Cycling Union’s Race programme.

Adams won the twelve mile, three lap Race between Peruvian and Argyle in 39 minutes 5.97 seconds.

Second was Peter Durrant in 40 minutes 48 seconds, while Zephal Bailey finished third in 41 minutes 52 seconds.

Peter Durrant also won the over-40 category, followed by Orel George in 42 minutes, 45.96 seconds and Steve “CAP” Ollivierre in 43 minutes, 48.81 seconds.

Zephal Bailey finished second behind Cammie Adams in the under-40 category in 41minutes 52.46 seconds, Lucky Antrobus took the third place in 42 minutes 26.01 seconds.

Thirteen Cyclist completed in the weekend’s un-forgiven afternoon sun.