Bermuda Captain: “It was a Good Experience”

Captain of Bermuda Under-17 Team, ZUH-RI Burgess who won Group (3) of the Caribbean Football Union (CFU) Under-17 World Cup Qualifying Tournament at Victoria Park in Kingstown on Sunday spoke to NBC Sports about their achievement.

Burgess said it was a good experience, despite that they came out here to get nine points, but they end up getting seven.

He said coaches prepared them, they worked hard, work as team, had desire and they came out here, they won it, now they go to the next round in Trinidad and Tobago in September.

Burgess said they were well prepared for the Tournament after they played against better opponents. He said, last year they actually went to Mexico and played against some even better opposition which sure them where they need to get, so they were automatically ready for all level Competition.