VINLEC National Lotteries Authority T20 Cricket Results

There were wins for North Stars, Ajuba of Spring Village, Coulls Hill Rangers and Peto Stars in last weekend’s matches of the VINLEC North Leeward Twenty/20 Cricket Championship at the Petit Bordel Playing Field.

North Stars of Troumaca defeated Robertson Surveying Future Legends of Rose Hall by 4 runs in a match reduced to 15-overs because of a late start.
The scores: North Stars 146 for 8 off 15-overs, Robertson Surveying Future Legends 142 for 8 off 15-overs.

Ajuba of Spring Village beat Summerset of Fitz Hughes by 79 runs. The scores: Ajuba 218 for 6 off 20-overs, Summerset 139 off 15-overs.

Coulls Hill Rangers won from Sharpes United of Chateaubelair by 3 wickets.
The scores: Sharpes United 138 off 16.4-overs, Coulls Hill Rangers 139 for 7 off 18.2-overs.

And, Peto Stars of Petit Bordel defeated Carlos James of Troumaca Starlight by 7 runs.
The scores: Peto Stars 146 for 9 off 20-overs, Carlos James Troumaca Starlight 139 for 9 off 20-overs.