In the Premier Division of the National Football Club Championships, Awesome FC defeated JeBelle FC 2-1, and Avenues United beat Largo Height 9-2 at Victoria Park in Kingstown, on Saturday.

In the First Division, Richmond Hill gained a 3-1 victory over Sparta FC at the Sion Hill Playing Field, Greggs FC defeated Owia United by the same score-line 3-1 at the Chili Playing Field in Georgetown, and Campdonia Chelsea cruised past Glenside Ball Blazers 1-nil at the Campden Park Playing Field.

In Friday results, Sion Hill FC and Layou FC played to a goalless draw, and Guardian General Hope International beat BESCO Pastures 2-nil.

The Championships have been suspended for the Christmas Holidays, and will resume on 6th January.

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