Dry weather begins to cause disruptions in water supply

Residents in some areas across the country have already begun to experience disruptions to their water supply, as a result of the ongoing dry weather.

The Central Water & Sewerage Authority said the continued dry period, characterized by low to no rainfall experienced over the past three weeks at all its major water catchments, has resulted in less than 50 percent of its normal river flow volumes.

The CWSA says, as a result, storage reservoirs have now been depleted to levels that now warrant periodic interruptions in the supply to key areas, aimed at ensuring that every area is supplied with water, for the majority of the daytime hours.

The Authority says, during this period, and until the rains return, it would be informing the public, via the various media channels of its valve-closing schedules and planned periods of outages for the respective areas.

The CWSA is urging the public to implement strict water conservation measures, including assisting the CWSA in reporting leaks, and limiting water use to only essential activities during this period.

Meanwhile, the CWSA has listed a number areas that would experience water disruption between the hours of 10:30pm to 6am

These residents should ensure that there is adequate water storage in their home or business.  These areas are Fountain, Lower Belair, Villa-Fountain Road, Glen, Villa Flat.