22 artiste advance to the Ragga & Soca Monarch Finals this weekend

Twenty-two Finalists are preparing to perform in the much-anticipated Ragga & Soca Monarch Finals this weekend.

The Finalist were selected from the Semifinals, staged on Monday night at the Solidarity Car Park in Kingstown. The Finals are slated for Saturday 2nd July, from 9pm, at Carnival City Victoria Park.


In the Ragga Soca Category

  1. Kevon ‘Sick-O’ Shallow – My Business
  2. Keith Currency – Slap Way
  3. Kamara ‘Keido’ Foster – Party Calling
  4. Kenville ‘Fonando’ Horne – Pressure So
  5. Keronna ‘Keke’ Samuel – Las Pace Mweh
  6. Claydon ‘Dymez’ Roache & Elrico ‘Da Pixel’ Hunte – Life in Yuh
  7. Delroy ‘Fireman’ Hooper – Social Media Police
  8. Utamu ‘Bongo Prime’ Rose – Chemistry
  9. Derron ‘Magikal’ Rouse – Progress
  10. Ozarie Matthews – Sponging on me
  11. Chewalee Johnson & Jamalie ‘L-Pank’ Stapleton – Overboard



Kyron ‘Kyron West’ Westfield – Outside


In the Soca Monarch Category

  1. Keith Currency – Chaos
  2. Shena Collis – Whining Fever
  3. Claydon ‘Dymez’ Roache & Elrico ‘Da Pixel’ Hunte – Who?
  4. Rayshorn ‘Mirror Dan’ Franklyn – Mad Government
  5. Kemuel ‘Karbon Jamz’ Stapleton – Hard Times
  6. Lornette ‘Fire Empress’ Nedd – Soca Planet
  7. Keith ‘Grabba Finesse’ Charles – Place Tun Ova
  8. Kemmy Christopher – De Call
  9. Hance John – Shellings
  10. Delroy ‘Fireman’ Hooper – Bad Demon
  11. Sydron ‘Son Son’ Charles – Riffle Wine



Kenville ‘Fonando’ Horne – Drunk Again

All Ragga and Soca Monarch Finalists are required to attend a meeting at the CDC’s Conference Room from five this afternoon.  Representatives of the bands Hi-Profile and Vikinz are also required to attend this meeting.