ASCO Netball Championship Results

Dutch Lady Clinchers beat Everready Future Stars 36-17 yesterday in Division (2) of the ASCO Netball Championship at the Gomea Hard Court.

In the other scheduled match between A-Y-CEES Nice Radio Clinchers and Young Strugglers in Division (1), could not continue after 1 minute and 18 seconds, because of rain. At that time A-Y-CEES Nice Radio Clinchers was leading Young Strugglers two goals to one. The match will continue at a later date.

Tomorrow’s matches will be between ASCO (3) and Sea Operations Nah Frend Dem from 5 pm and at 5:50 pm, ASCO (2) will meet Sydney Strikers.

In the meantime…ASCO Club will be having a General Meeting this evening at the Gomea Hard Court from 6 O’clock.