RSVG Police Co-op T20 Softball Cricket Results

Dr. Thomas Injectors, CGM Gallagher Novice and Better Brands Supreme are through to the semi-finals of the RSVG Police Co-operative Credit Union Clinchers Twenty/20 Softball Cricket Championship after victories last weekend at the Richland Park Oval.

Dr. Thomas Injectors defeated A-Y-CEES Nice Radio Clinchers by 3 wickets with one ball to spare.

The scores: A-Y-CEES Nice Radio Clinchers 113 for 8 off 20-overs; Curlan John 39, Dr. Thomas Injectors 115 for 7 off 19.5-overs.

CGM Gallagher Novice beat Sea Operations Nah Fren Dem by 50 runs. SCORES: CGM Gallagher Novice 124 for 9 off 20-overs; Andre Hunte 39; Kimron Baptiste 3 for 27, Sea Operations Nah Fren Dem 74 off 15.1-overs.

And, Better Brands Supreme gained a 27 run win over the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police. Better Brands Supreme 88 off 20-overs; Monty Duncan 52, RSVG Police 61 off 15.4-overs; Daverson Baptiste 4 for 9.