West Indies Cricket Board Adopts New Policy

The West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) has instituted a new policy which is aimed at enhancing player care in Professional Cricket League (PCL).

The WICB will cover the costs airfare, accommodation and per diem/meals for the inclusion of a Physiotherapist in each of the Regional participating squads in the PCL.

The Board of Directors, at a meeting on Saturday last approved the policy on the recommendation of the Cricket Committee. This move will ensure that each team has a dedicated Physiotherapist to treat and attend to the medical needs of the players during the Tournaments. Previously medical resources were shared or appointed on an ad hoc basis.

The policy will be implemented for the NAGICO Super50 which commences on Thursday January 15th and will also apply for the six rounds of the Regional 4 Day Tournament which follows.

Effectively the WICB will cover the costs of 14 players and 3 officials for each squad in the NAGICO Super50 and 13 players and three officials in the Regional 4 Day.

Franchises may include additional personnel but at their own cost. This is the first time that the WICB has implemented a policy of covering costs for physiotherapists for regional teams at the First Class level.

Previously teams which traveled with Physiotherapists covered those costs.