2015 LIME Netball Awards Ceremony

Individuals and Teams received their Awards during the Presentation Ceremony of the just concluded LIME VINCY 4G Upgrade National Netball Championships at the Kingstown Netball Center at New Montrose.

The Most Valuable Player in Division (1), ASCO was Caseka Cordice, Shantel Rouse of the Bank of St. Vincent and the Grenadines Valley Netters, Twilight Trading X-CEED was Shanice Daniel, Suzette Jordan of Vita Malt Maple and Western Union Mitres was Anella Samuel.

In Division (2), Arlett Francis of A-Y-CEES Nice Radio Clinchers, from Hill View was Shanda Cain, Star Girls Struggling Youths was Brean Gloster, Rosemary McCree from Third Eye Security X-CEED, from Friends of Georgetown Warriors was Jessica Lavia, Shenica Haynes from Green Hill Sports and Cultural Club, from Prime Consulting 3J’s Valley Strikers was Kahsena Mc Nicols, Sea Operations Nar Fren Dem Zonell James and Michelle Wiseman of Sion Hill Sports Club.

The Most Improved Player was Shackia Nedd, the Best Senior Defending Player was Merle Charles, the Best Junior Defending Player Nyah Federick, the Best Senior mid-court Player, Ruthland Williams, Best mid-court player Junior, Shari Barber, the Best Senior Attacking Player, Shanda Cain and Best Junior Attacking Player, Shaniah Pompey.

Skiddy Francis-Crick won the Best Senior goals Accuracy Award and the Best Junior goals Accuracy was Kadeja Williams.

The Best Dressed Team was Dutch Lady Clinchers and the Best Banner won by Everready Future Stars.

The Most Discipline Team Award went Turbo Plus Maple, the Most Improved Team, Prime Consulting 3J’s Valley Strikers.