Gregg’s FC advances to the Final of the Under-17 Division of North East Football League

At the Colonarie Playing Field on Sunday, Gregg’s FC advanced to the Final of the Under-17 Division of North East Football League by defeating Park Hill 3-1 in the semi-finals.

Results of other matches played last weekend:
South Rivers beat Sparta F.C 5-4 on penalties after a 4-4 draw in regulation time of their semi-finals match of the Under-13 Competition.

Park Hill beat Orange Hill 4-2 in the quarter-finals of the Under-17 Competition.

S.V United defeated Owia 4-1 on penalties after a goaless draw in regulation time in the semi-finals of the Under-14 Division. S.V United and South Rivers will contest the final.

In the Under-17 quarter-finals, S.V United defeated Owia 2-1, and will meet Chapmans F.C in the semi-finals.

Owia F.C Under-17 Football Team will not be punished for walking off the field in last Thursday’s North East Under-17 Football Championship against S.V United at the Colonarie Playing Field.

Owia F.C staged the walk off after one of their players had been shown a red card and put off the field by the Referee. They also claimed that a member of S. V United was substituted and allowed to return to the game. The Referee denied the accusation and explained that the player had left the field to change his shirt and was not substituted.

The Disciplinary Committee of the North East Football League considered all the circumstances of the incident and decided that the team would not be punished on this occasion.