There were victories for Calliaqua Masters, Glen United and Bamboo Blade at the weekend in the Hairoun Calliaqua Area Development Organization (CADO) Twenty/20 Softball Cricket Championship at the Calliaqua Playing Field.

Calliaqua Masters defeated Old Trafford by 30 runs in a match reduced to 15-overs because of a late start.

The scores: Calliaqua Masters 103 for 3 off 15-overs; Camillo Gonsalves 51, Cassius Welcome 41, Old Trafford 73 for 8 off 15-overs; Cassius Welcome 4 for 20.

Glen United secured a 7-wicket win over Smart Strikers.
The scores: Smart Strikers 65 off 17-overs, Glen United 67 for 3 off 17.2-overs; Maxie Hackshaw 20.

Bamboo Blade beat Young Gunners by 8 wickets.
The scores: Young Gunners 34 off 12-overs; Tony John 7 wickets for 6 runs, Bamboo Blade 40 for 2 off 7-overs.