Football Updates

A goal was scored each by Kijuan Nimblett and Romario Constance yesterday afternoon at the Grammar School Playing Field to give Massey Stores a 2-0 victory over Flow in the Digicel/Aeropost/St Vincent Brewery Breakaway Firms Invitational Football Championship.

Strikers was defeated by Spartans F.C 8-2 yesterday in the Richland Park 9-a-side Football Championship. For Spartans F.C, the goals were scored by Keno Matthews (3), Zimbry Charles (3) and Meshac Dublin (2), while Deandre Smith scored both goals for Strikers.

Meanwhile, this afternoon’s match will be between the Ministry of Education and National Fisher Folks. It is scheduled to kick-off at 4:30 at the Grammar School Playing Field.
Also, Francis Combined will meet Greggs F.C in this afternoon’s match at 4:30.