Cricket Updates

There were victories for the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police, Ajuba of Spring Village and Summerset over the weekend in the VINLEC North Leeward Cricket Championship at the Petit Bordel Playing Field.

* The Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police gained a 7-wicket win over Kishore Shallow Coulls Hill Rangers by 7 wickets

* Ajuba of Spring Village defeated North Stars by 105 runs.

* And, Summerset beat Upsetters by 6 wickets. The scores: Upsetters 200 for 8 off 20-overs; Maxwell Edwards 63, Augustas Cato 55, Summerset 202 for 4 off 19-overs, Rawdon Bentick 64, Nelson Williams 58.

* Another three matches are scheduled for this weekend. On Saturday 29th October-10:00 am- Upsetters vs Big League

Saturday 29th October-1:00 pm- Circumstance vs Peto Stars

Sunday 30th October-10:00 am- Robertson Surveying Future Legends vs Ajuba

* And at 1:30 pm, the visiting New York Masters will clash with Coreas Hazells North Leeward Masters in an Invitation Match.

Softball Cricket Updates
Snipers, Gairy Construction Simple Boys, CGM Gallagher Novice, and Dipcon Road Warriors recorded victories last weekend in the National Lotteries Authority Top Belair Progressive Organization Twenty/20 Softball Cricket Championship at the Dauphine Playing Field.

* Snipers beat COMPUTEC Older Boys by 8 wickets. The scores: COMPUTEC Older Boys 80 for 4 off 15-overs; Ashford Wood 28; Emmanuel Baptiste 2 for 21, Snipers 82 for 1 off 7.5-overs; Keson Williams 41 not out, Crisston Williams 28 not out.

* Gairy Construction Simple Boys won by default over Sea Operations Nar Fren Dem.

* CGM Gallagher Novice defeated Sunset Strikers by 8 wickets. SCORES: Sunset Strikers 79 off 19.5-overs; Norlan Williams 4 for 12, CGM Gallagher Novice 83 for 2 off 5.4-overs; Irvin Williams 29, Roderick John 24.

* And, Dipcon Road Warriors gained a 5-wicket win over Carriere Blazers. The scores: Carriere Blazers 58 19.4-overs; Everson Thomas took a hat-trick, finishing with 3 for 7, Dipcon Road Warriors 59 for 5 off 5.4-overs; Everson Thomas 32; Xavier Edwards 2 for 14.