2014 National Netball Opening

The 2014 LIME 4G National Netball Championships will open here on Sunday at the Arnos Vale Sporting Complex at 4 pm.

There will be the usual parade of the competing Teams and addresses from a representative from the Sponsors LIME, President of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Association Dellarice Duncan and Minister of Sports Ces Mc Kie.

Two of this country’s oldest Netball Clubs, Western Union Mitres and Vita Malt Maple will meet in the Opening Match that will follow the Opening Ceremony and a special Shooting Competition in which Minister of Sports Ces Mc Kie will oppose former National Goal-Shooter Skiddy Francis-Crick and Senator Luke Browne will pit his goal-shooting skills against Gailene Gordon.

Managers of the teams competing in this year’s Championship and Match Officials will meet in a Technical Meeting session this afternoon at five O’clock at the Kingstown Netball Center, New Montrose to finalize plans for the Championship.