Greggs Men’s Softball Cricket Results

Last weekend, there were wins for Sion Hill Tallawahs, Bank of St Vincent and the Grenadines All Starz, Log Enterprises Supreme Strikers, Top Shottaz Shaudy and CGM Novice Ghallager in the Hairoun Greiggs Twenty/20 Softball Cricket Championship at the Greggs Playing Field.

Sion Hill Tallawahs defeated Warriors by 128 runs.
The scores: Sion Hill Tallawahs 201-7 off 20 overs (Teroy Roberts 83), Warriors 73 off 16 overs (Shanley Lavia 4-7, Kerwin Williams 4-24).

Bank of St Vincent and the Grenadines All Starz beat Rodgers Photo Studio Fya (1) by 69 runs.
The scores: Bank of St Vincent and the Grenadines All Starz 140 off 20 overs (Ron Adams 53 runs), Rodgers Photo Studio Fya (1) 71 off 16 overs.

Log Enterprises Supreme Strikers won from Bruce Law Chambers Smashers by 8 wickets.
The scores: Bruce Law Chambers Smashers 93 off 19 overs, Log Enterprise Supreme Strikers 96-2 off 12.5 overs (Kenzelay Joseph 65).

Top Shottaz Squady defeated Snipers Reloaded by 62 runs.
The scores: Top Shottaz Squady 124 off 15.1 overs (Stein Joseph 74), Snipers Reloaded 62 off 17.5 overs.

C.G.M Novice Ghallagers beat Street Fighters by 23 runs.
The scores: C.G.M Novice Ghallagers 102 off 19.5 overs. Street Fighters 79 off 14.3 overs.